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To sleep longer...

Ok To Wake clock

Does your child wake up way too early in the morning? Do they have a hard time going to bed on time? Help them sleep longer and maintain a healthy sleep/wake rhythm thanks to REMI the ok to wake clock.

Wake up/ Bedtime indicator: With its face, REMI tells young children when it's time to get up or go to bed.

+ 2h of sleep every night: According to its users, our Ok to Wake clock allows children to sleep up to 2 hours more per night!

Relaxed Parents: Do you feel like staying in bed longer in the morning? By improving the sleep of your child, you get a healthier sleep too!

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For a healthy sleep rhythm...

Bedtime Routine

Create a regular bedtime routine. Thanks to the smartphone app, you can program different alarms and timers for each day of the week and customize them according to your needs!

Practical management of the alarm clocks: No need to wake up your child on a Saturday evening when going to their room to turn off the alarm for 8 AM the next morning. You can create a bedtime schedule for each day of the week. 

Fully customizable: Customize your alarms and timers according to multiple parameters (day of the week, REMI’s face, nightlight intensity, music, WiFi on or off).

Timers for kids: To teach your child how to better manage their time, create timers for naps and play time!

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To quickly fall asleep...

Magic Bedtime Stories

Does your child have trouble falling asleep at night? Discover stories full of poetry designed to help your child loosen up and dive into sweet dreams.

Go to sleep in 10 minutes: The story pack was designed by specialists in meditation and early childhood to make your child sleep in 10 minutes!

Reusable Stories: The pack contains 5 audio tracks of 15 minutes each to help your child fall asleep.

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REMI rating stars

« I have a 2 1/2 year old that was giving up her nap and it was leading to a very cranky kid and mom. I came across Remi and honestly thought it was $100 gamble I was willing to take. We had a lot of talks about how a robot was going to come live with us and he would need naps. She was so excited literally I took Remi out of the box, plugged it in and she took a nap. We’ve had him for a couple weeks now and if Remi is sleepinf she is sleeping, or in the mornings she stays in bed until Remi wakes up! »

Molly - Amazon - February 15 2018

REMI rating stars

«This did exactly what I wanted it to do! I was a little nervous buying it because some of the reviews were not great. But it has exceeded my expectations! Remi connects to WiFi to be a multi-use monitor. I had some issues connecting if at first, but we discovered it was an issue with my WiFi itself and not Remi. Remi will transmit sound to my phone: continuously if I choose, or just alert me via push notification when sound reaches a certain threshold (set by me) so that I can go to the app and then listen in. I can push to talk as well. »

Mary F Atwood - Amazon - January 15 2019

REMI rating stars

« This clock is awesome. We bought it for our 3 1/2 year old who was coming into our room multiple times each night. She quickly learned that clock is either "awake" or "asleep", and when she wakes up and sees that the clock is still asleep that she should also go back to sleep. Mostly she pays attention to it (actually, she always pays attention to it, but occasionally chooses to ignore and she'll tell us that her clock is still asleep). »

MandJBwith4 - Amazon - July 30 2018

REMI rating stars

« I brough two remis for my twins, a blue one for my boy and a pink one for my girl, I am very satified with them. My Twins love play music and go to sleep when remi close his eyes. And wake up with music and remi’s happy face. Love monitoring my childs when I’m not at home. I had two issues and Urban Hello Support was excellent. I recomend this product 100% »

Linda Stanley Artavia - Amazon - January 20 2019

To become autonomous...

Kids Alarm Clock with Music

REMI is a real alarm clock! Connect REMI to your computer and add the music that your child likes to listen in the morning.

Adjustable buttons to encourage autonomy: Activate or deactivate the Play button under REMI if you’d like to allow your child to autonomously play some music or stories.

Storage space: Let your child make their own choice regarding the music they listen to. REMI connects as a USB key to your computer and plays songs in MP3 format.

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To make sure that everything is alright...

Sleep Tracker

To make sure your child gets enough sleep and does not wake up in the middle of the night, the ok to wake clock REMI records the ambient light and the sound of the room!

Tips adapted to your child: Track your child’s sleep and make sure that they sleep enough for their age! The REMI smartphone app gives you tips on how to improve sleep quality.

Sleep problems: 2/3 of children suffer from sleep disorders. Check that everything is going well thanks to the sleep tracker feature.

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To have fun during the day...

Bluetooth speaker and talkie-walkie

A night of good sleep also depends on how your child spends their day! Have fun with your child thanks to the Talkie-Walkie and the Bluetooth Speaker!

Talk to your child : With the Talkie-Walkie feature, talk to your child to remind them to turn off the light, make sure they're home after school or just for fun!

Karaoke session : REMI connects by Bluetooth to any smartphone! Play your favorite songs and turn a Sunday afternoon into a Karaoke club!

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REMI is an evolutionary product that adapts to the needs of your child from birth to the age of 10. It combines everything that you need to take care of your child's sleep and help them develop good sleep habits! No need to clutter your child's room with an old baby monitor that is no longer in use, a new alarm clock to teach them time management and a Bluetooth speaker borrowed from the big sister!

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Claessens Kid

Sleep Trainer

About 35€


Story Factories

About 50€

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JBL Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

About 35€


Night Light

About 20€

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REMI has proven itself...


NAPPA 2018 : REMI was voted best childcare product of the year 2018 in the United States.

CES Las Vegas 2017 : REMI was awarded at the world's largest consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

Baby Bump Awards : REMI was one of the finalists for the Bump Awards (best tech product for babies)!

French Tech : REMI is a French product!

Awards received by REMI

REMI Ok to Wake Clock

Spend sweet nights with REMI - kids ok to wake clock. With its different faces, REMI is a sleep trainer, a long range baby monitor and a fun alarm clock that evolves with your child. From birth to 10 years old.


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