Homeopathy and baby sleep: natural remedies to soothe your baby

Published : 14-01-2019 16:52:46
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Homeopathy and baby sleep: natural remedies to soothe your baby

Recently, a friend of yours told you about a miracle cure to help her little one sleep. She showed you a small kit with mysterious granules that soothe her baby and help her sleep well. She briefly explained that she was using a soft natural medicine called homeopathy. But what exactly is homeopathy? Is it recommended for your little one? Can homeopathy improve your baby's sleep? If you ask yourself those questions, you are in the right place! We will go through some essential homeopathy related topics to help your little one to fall asleep like an angel! Homeopathy and baby sleep - here it is!

What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is soft medicine that usually comes in the form of granules or small balls of sugar. But it comes in various forms such as creams, gels or drops. Invented in the late eighteenth century, homeopathy is based on three principles:

The Law of Similars : To cure homeopathy uses an active product which is likely to provoke the same symptoms like the ones from which the patient suffers. The active ingredient is used at a very low dose and serves as a remedy! For instance, a person who was bitten by an insect will be prescribed Apis Mellifica (bee venom). A restless and overexcited child can be relieved by Coffea (diluted coffee).

The Minimum Dose : The used substances are prescribed in extremely low doses, guaranteeing that they can be used safely. To achieve this, the active ingredient is diluted to the hundredth. This means that a drop of the substance is mixed with 99 drops of solvent. This is called a 1CH remedy. According to the same rule, to obtain a 2CH cure just take a drop of 1CH solution and mix again with 99 drops of solvent. Finally, we shake everything together to optimize the effect of the cure.

The Totality of Symptoms : Homeopathy takes into account the global state of the individual. Thus, two people with the same symptoms will not be prescribed the same homeopathic remedy according to their general health state. In other words, a homeopath takes into consideration two elements: the state of the child corresponding to the way he reacts to the disease and his profile corresponding to his personality traits, his morphology, and medical history. There are various profiles and only a consultation with a homeopath will let you know with certainty what your child needs.

Are homeopathic remedies safe for babies?

Homeopathy can be used by people of all ages. Used by more than 53% of the population (Ipsos study of Boiron Laboratories in 2010) it is particularly well adapted to children. In fact, while many drugs are totally banned for use in children, homeopathy hides no risks. In addition, even very young patients will be prescribed the same treatment as adults if they have the same symptoms and the same states and profiles.

There is no need to take into account the dosage or to adapt the treatment according to the age! This is why homeopathy is used a lot in self-medication due to the absence of danger. Some doctors, are more skeptical about the benefits of homeopathic remedies. They believe that too much dilution would make the active ingredient of the solution inactive. Indeed, to have a homeopathic remedy on the market, the supplier must only prove its safety and not its therapeutic efficacy.

Homeopathy is safe but it should be used according to the advice of a homeopath and if the problem persists, it is obviously necessary to consult a doctor. It is important to say that self-medication is not recommended for unusual or very pronounced disorders.

Enfant joue au médecin

How to give a homeopathic remedy to babies?

To give your baby a homeopathic remedy, you just need to dilute 5 granules in little water and give it to them in a bottle. Here are some examples of homeopathic remedies for baby sleep according to the symptoms - but each child is different, ask your homeopath to advise you!

The baby falls asleep with difficulty and seems anxious about lying down: Phosphorus 9CH

The baby is overexcited and can not fall asleep: Coffea 9CH

The baby has nightmares: Stramonium 15CH

Children Sleep

The child is excited:

Ignatia Amara 7CH : stress

Valeriana 7CH : nervousness or hypersensitivity

Gelsemium 9 CH : anxiety

The child is stressed :

Nux Vomica 9CH : difficulty to fall asleep and multiple awakenings during the night

Gelsemium 9CH : jitters or anxiety

Staphysagria 9CH : hypersensitivity, anxiety

Passiflora compound : disturbed sleep

Your child is afraid of being alone :

Arsenicum Album 7CH : awakenings during the night, fear of being alone

Causticum 9CH : fear of the dark, afraid of being alone

Lycopodium 7CH : fear of nightmares

Your child has nightmares:

Stramonium 5CH

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