Foods that help children sleep through the night

Published : 11-09-2018 15:48:02
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Foods that help children sleep through the night

To sleep well is to eat well. The relationship between food and sleep quality has been proven many times! So, what are the foods to prioritize to help our children fall asleep? And what food you should avoid before going to bed? We are here to offer you some guidance on the perfect evening meal. 

The best dinner for babies

Before 6 months, babies only drink milk, whether that be a bottle of formula milk or breast milk. After this period, you will introduce solid foods to your little one who will discover new foods, generally in the form of purée or mush.

One rule that should be followed: it is preferable that the evening mush doesn’t contain any added sugars. This type of food slows melatonin secretion, the sleep hormone. Favour porridge, a safe bet with proteins to keep your baby full through the night and in the same time to be easily digested.

You can make yourself the same meal as your baby, or offer them little baby food jars, something that suggests a “special night-time” menu! The latter should generally contain grains, fortified milk and vegetables. All that is left is to enjoy a calm night, full of dreams!

Foods that disrupt children sleep

For toddlers and older children, it is important to avoid certain foods before going to bed, in particular:

Red meat (and large portions of proteins): they are difficult to digest and can lead to difficulties falling asleep.

High-fat foods: pizzas, meats and, more importantly, fatty substances such as butter or cream are to be avoided. Moreover, it is very difficult to digest them. The body temperature rises and the body spends energy that can provoke bad dreams and even night sweats.

Sugar and candy: candy and other confectionery prevent a good night’s sleep by slowing down the creation of melatonin. Avoid them!

Foods that help children sleep through the night

Alternatively, here are some tricks to help your child sleep well. In the evening, it is important to: Favour starches, in particular rice and potatoes. Slow carbohydrates are recommended for a good night’s sleep.- Reduce proteins (1 hard-boiled egg, 1 slice of ham, even a few shrimps) Maintain a balanced diet with vegetables, a dairy product and a piece of fruit.

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